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A Big Thank You as We Enter Production Phase

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a big CONGRATULATIONS to us as we officially move to Production Phase today!!! because of the generosity of our kind donors, we were able to purchase this printer today. we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to those who believed in our cause enough to spare some of their hard-earned money to support us. whatever we may be able to do in the future, please remember that you are a part of it. it is much easier to doubt or ignore us but you were among the not so many who chose to believe that there may be something worthwhile that we can do. for that, we THANK YOU. to all of you who have liked and shared our page, we appreciate your support too. may you continue to follow us and support us on our upcoming projects. we may not be able to spend as much time for production due to some obligations the next couple of weeks but you can all be assured that we are constantly planning and working on this project. again, Thank You everyone for helping us become a blessing to others! for that, you all have become blessings to us too!

Thank you The Adobo Chronicles!


We, at Jyenn’s World of Art for Kids, want to express our sincere gratitude to THE ADOBO CHRONICLES for the help and support that they have given us.  They understand the challenges of start up projects and just a day after seeking their support, they responded immediately. More than your donation, it’s your support and belief that has truly inspired us today.

Thank you so much and more power to THE ADOBO CHRONICLES!